The Archaeological Perspective.

Camp Registration

To register, download each of the following forms, complete them, and send them to:

The Archaeological Perspective
PO Box 38161
Albany, NY, 12203-8161

Application Form [25KB PDF]
Medical/Photo Release Form [48KB PDF]

Registration Instructions

Fill out your name and address and so on, then determine WHERE you will be sending your child/ren: one venue per week, please, and whether you will be signing up for a half day (9am-12:30pm, for K-2 kids) or a full day (9am-4pm, for older kids) program. Each venue has a class for half day kids (5-7 year olds who leave around lunchtime) and two for full day kids (one for 7-10 year olds, another for 11 year olds and up) who leave at 4pm.

Now for your payment options:

  1. You may send in complete payment (program cost and aftercare fee, if needed; make check payable to "TAP".)
  2. You may send in a reservation deposit of $50. If you choose this option, realize that this reservation deposit is non-refundable, and that the balance is due by June 1st. The balance for the half day program by then would be $100; for the full day it would be $200.
  3. You may send in an incomplete payment of more than $50, the amount determined by you, of which $50 represents the non-refundable reservation, and the rest as part of balance of the program cost. You will be sent an invoice for the outstanding amount, if any, or a receipt/confirmation to acknowledge your child's enrollment.
  4. Materials fees have been folded into the camp cost.
  5. We do not currently accept credit card payments.

Note: each registration must have ALL relevant information entered. Remember to fill out and return the MEDICAL FORM that is located on this page. Also, please check and sign the Child Photography Authorization Form (below Medical Form).